Kourtney Kardashian Fights Feelings Of Awkwardness & Jealousy During Sofia & Scott’s PDA

Kourtney Kardashian is a co-parenting queen! But – limeVilla has EXCLUSIVELY learned that sometimes she still feels a tad jealous around Scott Disick’s new lady.

Kourtney Kardashian, 39, is one hot mama, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her moments of insecurity around Scott Disick’s much younger lady, Sofia Richie, 20. Her ex-boyfriend’s new beau is nearly half her age, and limevilla EXCLUSIVELY learned how Kourt really feels about that. “Kourtney can’t help but feel competitive with Sofia always around,” a source close to the star shares. “Kourtney does her best to look hot whenever she spends time with both Scott and Kourtney, which has been a lot lately. Kourt works really hard to always look fit, glammed-up and cute, especially when she knows Sofia will be around.

Don’t think that this means there’s bad blood between the two ladies though! No, Sofia and Kourt are completely coordial, and Kourtney is giving her best attempt at forming a relationship with her. “Kourtney is doing her best to be sweet, kind and accepting with Scott’s girlfriend, but she still fights back feeling awkward when watching romantic PDA between Scott and Sofia. She tries to turn her head and ignore it, but it’s tough,” the source also reveals. “When Scott holds Sofia’s hand, or kisses her in public, it still stings Kourt. But Kourtney is determined to not let it show that it bothers her at all. Instead Kourt is determined to always look as sexy as possible around Sofia and rise above any feelings of jealousy,” they go on to explain.

Fans of Kourtney or Sofia will know the two have been spending their fair share of time together, on a slew of vacations with Scott. Their most recent destination? Beautiful Aspen, Colorado! The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star joined her ex and his longtime girlfriend for a snowy, fun-filled trip. Kourtney and Sofia looked casually comfortable alongside each other as they stepped out in the snow and they were even dressed in similar long black coats! It was just weeks before their Aspen adventure that the two ladies were spotted sunbathing side by side, on a tropical getaway as well!

So – are the two certified besties? Maybe not just yet, but they’re well on their way to being! “Sofia couldn’t be happier she’s finally made a real connection with Kourtney and no longer is putting Scott in the awkward position of feeling like he’s in the middle so much with the ladies.

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